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Cleaning Membership
Feb 12, 12 5:36 PM
Axis progression
Sep 17, 10 9:50 AM
Vent Is Live
Jan 31, 10 7:16 PM
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Welcome to the Axis Website!

Axis is over two years old.Axis is a guild of mature, end-game raiders focused on raid progression.  We treat raiding like professional athletes treat their sport, with respect for their fellow teammates and commitment to our goal.  We are a unique guild in that we only accept level 85 main's who are selectively interviewed based on their ability to contribute to the team.   We have only two required guild raid nights depending on team(Sunday, Monday Thurs Friday Various time from 6 pm server stat to 8 pm server start we raid for 3 hour blocks.), .  affording ample time for members to work on their alts, achievements, professions and personal gaming goals. 

If you are an existing member of Axis, we thank you for your continued efforts to make this the best raiding guild on the server.  If you are a new member of Axis, we welcome you and have high hopes for you as a part of our elite team.  If you are interested in becoming a member, read the articles posted in the Guidlines section of this webpage and post a useful message on the Applications forum; we will contact you if interested to set up an interview.
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Cleaning Membership

Blarlock, Feb 12, 12 5:36 PM.
I apologize to anyone who attempts to log on and cannot anymore cause of membership deletions.  I cleaned out the member list to remove some long gone members and may have accidently deleted membership for some people who did not have a character listed.   If you would like to regain status on this site please submit a request and let me know your character name.  I also apologize to the ex members that would like to keep tabs on us.  If you would like to resubmit I will list you as a guild associate.


Axis progression

Hemmorian, Sep 17, 10 9:50 AM.

  Axis is currently 8 of 8 in DS and 7 of 7 in FL.   We have two 10 man raid teams and are working on a third or possible a 25man team.  Throughout it all, we have maintained a professional, respectful attitude.  So, great job team!  Keep up the good work.


        We are always looking for more mature players to join the Axis family.  We recruit players only after references from current guild members or after participation in a guild raid.  If you would like to join Axis contact a guild member in game ask to be considered when we need a pug to fill a raid.

World of Logs

        Our World of Logs is located at. World of logs

Vent Is Live

Hemmorian, Jan 31, 10 7:16 PM.
Axis guild vent is up and running.  Guild vent info can be found in the Guild Information section in the Social tool and will be provided by the raid leader prior to 1st pull in raids.
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